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Different Types of Fabrics in Nigeria with Pictures

There are various types of fabrics in the Nigerian market for fashion lovers to look stylish and fabulous. Some of these fabrics are traditional Niger


types of fabric in Nigeria


The Nigerian culture is a rich culture that is encompassing. There are various types of fabrics in the Nigerian market for fashion lovers to look stylish and fabulous. Some of these fabrics are traditional Nigerian fabrics native to a particular culture. Let us explore some of the common fabrics available in the Nigerian market.

1.       Lace Fabric

The lace fabric is beautiful and delicate, usually made from silk, linen, cotton and other synthetic fiber. Lace fabric usually has holes which is one of its significant characteristics. Lace is an essential fabric in Nigerian society. It is worn during special occasions, and the material's quality sometimes shows the family's affluence.

In the Nigerian market, there are different types of lace fabric, namely:

a.       Cord Lace

Orange, black and white stoned cord Lace
Orange, black and white stoned cord Lace

b.      Brocade Lace


Brocade Lace Fabric

c.       Swiss Lace 

d.      Voile Lace

e.      Damask/Flocking Lace

Damask Lace Fabric in Nigeria


f.        Ankara Sequence Lace

Ankara Sequence lace


g.       Chantilly Lace

h.     Dry Lace

Nigerian fry lace fabric


i.      Velvet sequence lace

2.       Atiku Fabric

Atiku fabric


Atiku Fabric is a classy and beautiful Nigerian wear. It looks simple, but it is gorgeous and manly fabric. Women can also wear this fabric, but more common among male folks.

The types of Atiku fabric available in the Nigerian market include:

a.       Atiku Voile

b.      Swiss Atiku

c.       Atiku Jacquard

d.      Atiku Pinched


3.       Senator/Cashmere Fabric


Senator or cashmere fabric is a beautiful fabric used for both native and corporate outfits. The fabric is lush, smooth and comfortable. It is used to sew suits, trousers, skirts, jackets, agbada, and traditional outfits. These materials vary in quality, and the quality and design of the fabric determine the price.



4.       Kampala, Adire or Tie and Dye


Kampala, Adire, Tie and Dye Fabric

Adire is a traditional Nigerian fabric native to the people of Abeokuta in Ogun State. Adire is made from the tie and dye process (hence the name: “adi: we tied it” and “re: soak it in a dye”). However, technology and civilization have impacted the designs and methods of making the fabric.


5.       Kente Fabric


Kente Fabric

Kente is a beautiful fabric made from silk yarn, unique and special. Kente fabric is a brightly coloured fabric with mixtures of almost all colours. It is available in different designs which showcase the beauty of the fabric.

6.       Ankara Fabric


Ankara Fabric

Ankara is a beautifully designed fabric made from cotton or synthetic material. Ankara fabric is versatile and can be made into different types of wear for all occasions. Ankara fabric has three grades which include:

Small Ankara: this is made mainly from polyester. It is usually referred to as ‘nylon Ankara’

Medium Ankara: This is made from polyester and cotton

Big Ankara: This is made from pure cotton material. It is breathable, comfortable, and has different grades depending on the texture.


There are Ankara designs that are available in all grades of Ankara. That is why Legeens Store is your sure plug; we are open and plain about the quality of our fabric.


7.       Crepe Fabric


crepe fabric

Crepe fabric is a fabric made by combining synthetic fibre, silk and wool. It has a rough texture even though it is soft on the body. Crepe is usually used to sew corporate female wears. It can either be plain or flowered.


8.       Velvet Fabric


velvet fabrics in Nigeria

Velvet fabric is a beautiful, dense and soft fabric. The feel of quality velvet is soft and gentle on the skin. Velvet fabric is also used in upholstery; I remember it was a common upholstery fabric when I was younger. Velvet doesn't fade quickly, and it is breathable.

9.       Aso Oke


aso oke

Aso-oke is a popular fabric among the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria. It is common in states like Osun, Oyo, Ekiti and Ondo. It is usually made through a complex process, primarily woven from cotton. These days aso oke fashion has evolved; the fabric is also made from silk, metallic yarn, and sewing threads.

There is hardly a Yoruba tribe party where aso oke is not showcased in different colours and designs. The evolution of this fabric has made it easy for fashionistas to bring their creativity to light.


10.     Duchess Fabric
duchess fabric

Duchess Fabric is a breathable, soft and silky fabric; it is perfect for bridal and wedding outfits. I love the smoothness and elegance of the fabric; it exudes royalty.

Thank you for going through the lists of the common fabrics in the Nigerian market. Don't forget we are available to source your materials for all occasions and take the market stress off you. Kindly reach out to us for more information. 

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