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Legeens Store is an online store specializing in sourcing fabrics and fashion items. Legeens Store was founded in 2020 when due to my passion for helping people source fabrics that are quality and worth the price.

I had an experience where I went to the market to buy fabric. I paid a huge amount for the fabric but later discovered it was low quality 😱. A lot of people experience this regularly. This experience drove me to link up with wholesalers and vendors selling quality items. I thought it would be a good idea to start an online store to help other people reduce the risk of buying fake items. Our services also relieve the stress of going to the market when shopping for fashion items. 

What We Do At Legeens Store

At legeens Store, we sell Fabrics + Shoes + Bags. We post updates of available fabrics, shoes and bags on our social media platforms. When a customer places an order and makes the payment, we deliver to your preferred location. 

We sell fabrics like Kampala, lace, Senator, Cashmere, Duchess, Crepe, Ankara and many more. We also deal in female and male shoes, shoes and purses, handbags, jewelry, bridal hand fan, aso-oke and many more.

We also source and deliver aso ebi fabrics for all events. Legeens Store is your best vendor for wedding outfits and owambe looks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have a physical store?

We currently do not have a physical store and are working on having a walk-in store where you can shop for all your favorite accessories.

2. How can I meet you if I want to book you for large orders?

I am available to sit and discuss the ideas you have for your big day. You can book an appointment with me via WhatsApp.

3. How do I ascertain you won't scam me?

We allow escrow services. Someone who is trusted by both parties.

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