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12 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Dress

12 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Dress 1. What's your budget? 2. Search for ideas on the internet 3. Be open to ideas and suggestions from designers ...


Tips to choose a perfect wedding dress

Choosing a perfect wedding dress is important for every bride. I haven’t met a bride who doesn’t want to look beautiful on her wedding day, have you? Many of us have a lot of fantasies when it comes to the wedding dress. While growing up, I watched a lot of Disney cartoons and I always wanted to look like a princess on my wedding day; stunning, beautiful and perfect.

12 Tips to Choose a Perfect Wedding Dress

In this article I shared some of the guidelines I followed and tips from friends. Make a cup of coffee and enjoy the article.

Tips to choose a perfect wedding dress

How much do I want to spend?

Budgeting tops the list when it comes to choosing a wedding dress. You must know how much you want to spend on your wedding dress and be determined to stick to your budget. Be willing to set a realistic budget so that you won't be strained when you can't find a dress that matches your budget.


Set out early

Start searching for your preferred wedding dress once you have decided on a date for your wedding. Setting out early helps to prevent rush which may cause stress. Brides who set out late may have to settle for dresses that are below their expectations. I know you have a lot to do but prioritize yourself.


What is my body type and shape?

Your body type and shape are important factors to consider when you want to pick your wedding dress. Your wedding dress should accentuate your body making you look beautiful. You shouldn’t wear a dress that makes you look ordinary.

Tips to choose a perfect wedding dress

  Window shopping, searching the internet for ideas, bridal magazine sites

Window shopping is a great way to get ideas and the internet has made it easy to get ideas. Search for top fashion blogs and wedding dress designers for ideas that can help you streamline your choices. I visit search engines like Pinterest for style inspirations and ideas before selecting styles for most of my outfits. You can also try this method.


   What season are you getting married?

Many of us have expectations and fantasies about how our perfect wedding dress should look; we may be able to influence our dress but we do not have control over the season. Your wedding dress should be appropriate for the season you're getting married. In Nigeria, where I live, people usually do not have weddings in the rainy season because the weather can be unpredictable. Keep the season and weather conditions in mind when picking a wedding dress. It is very important.


Tips to choose a perfect wedding dress

 Be open to ideas

Keeping an open mind is very necessary as a bride. The designers sometimes have great ideas that will give you the perfect look you desire on your big day. Allow them to suggest styles and outfits for you. You may end up following their suggestions if you're open-hearted.


  Wedding theme; Yes or No

Do you have a wedding theme? If you do, you may want to wear a dress that matches your wedding theme. You can use accessories that perfectly depict your wedding theme and looks beautiful on you.


    Choose the right underwear or undergarment

Tips to choose a perfect wedding dress

Your choice of underwear is very important; different styles require different underwear. Choose the right underwear that works perfectly for your dress style. It is also important to note the bra used during measurement and fittings, this is very important.


  What fabric do you prefer?

There are lots of fabrics to choose from for a perfect wedding dress. I advise brides to wear fabrics they love on their wedding day. Wearing uncomfortable fabrics can mar the beautiful memories of the day. You can explore fabrics like; chiffon, lace, satin, silk, duchess, crepe, etc


  Online shopping

Online shopping is increasing rapidly, most people now prefer to shop online rather than go to malls, sending hours and coming back exhausted. You can even contact wedding vendors online via their website, choose cloth and schedule a day for fittings.

Make sure you read the return policy properly before you pay or conclude on a store or vendor.


    Prioritise comfort

Prioritise comfort when choosing your wedding dress and other accessories. I remember the shoes I wore on my wedding day weren't comfortable. When I got to the reception, I found it difficult to dance. I fixed my toenails and I wore covered high-heeled shoes. It wasn't comfortable and the memory still makes me sad sometimes.

Tips to choose a perfect wedding dress


 Do I want to buy, sew or rent?

Are you willing to buy a readymade gown, pay for a custom-made gown or rent a gown? This is a decision you may want to make with your partner. If you're on a tight budget, you may want to rent a gown or buy a ready-made gown that is within your budget.


Tips to choose a perfect wedding dress

In Conclusion, your wedding day is a day you’ll want to remember all your life. Let your focus be on creating beautiful memories that will always bring joy and happiness to you. Choose your wedding dress bearing these thoughts in mind.

I wish you luck finding that perfect wedding dress.

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