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Frequently Asked Questions about Aso Ebi

What is "aso ebi"? How is "aso ebi" pronounced? What is the significance of "aso ebi" in Nigerian culture? How is "aso ebi" related to traditiona

 In my years of organizing aso ebi for families, clients usually have a lot of questions and that inspired me to write this article. In this article I answered some common questions people ask about aso ebi. You can use the table of contents to jump to the answer you want to read.

In this article

What is "aso ebi"?   

Aso Ebi is a Yoruba word that means “Family Cloth”. The word family does not necessarily mean people who are born into your biological family. The broad list includes friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbours and of course family.               



what is aso ebi


How is "aso ebi" pronounced?

The word “aso ebi” is pronounced as “Asho Hebi”.                      


What is the significance of "aso ebi" in Nigerian culture?     

Aso ebi is very significant in the Nigerian culture; it is a show of solidarity and support shown to the host of an event. Wearing aso ebi to an occasion shows that you love the host of the party or event and you are with them all the way.

How is "aso ebi" related to traditional Nigerian weddings?  

In traditional Nigerian wedding aso ebi is a very common and important outfit. Aso ebi is more common in Nigerian weddings than any other Nigerian party or events. IN a traditional Nigerian wedding the aso ebi is usually in different categories.      

What is the purpose of wearing "aso ebi" at a wedding?     

Anytime you wear or buy aso ebi for a wedding then you are saying “I love you”, “I support you”, “May your union be blessed” and every other word that count as good wishes for a couple on their big day.       

How do people choose the fabric and design for "aso ebi"?        

When it comes to how people choose fabric and design for aso ebi, there are a lot of factors involved and I will try to list as many as I can.

1.       Personal Preferences: Everyone has a preference which comes to play in whatever decisions they make. Many times the host of an event chooses aso ebi based on personal preferences like design, fabric, etc.

2.       Financial Status: the financial status of the host determines to a large extent the kind of fabric and the design of the fabric chosen for as aso ebi. Although I noticed some clients choose different categories of fabric with different prices for equity.

3.       Access to market: Aso ebi choices can sometimes be based on access to market. People who live far away or who do not have time to go to the market for different designs of aso ebi often settle for whatever they can get. I started my online store in 2020 to combat that challenge in order to make it easier for host to find their preferred aso ebi choice from the comfort of their homes.

4.       Family and friends influence: Some families are the ones who choose aso ebi of the day. I have seen cases where family members choose the fabric they want to wear for an event themselves.

These are some of the factors I can think of for now, you can add yours in the comment section and I promise to update the list as more factors unfold. If you want me to source for your aso ebi, you can contact me here.

What are some popular fabrics used for "aso ebi" in Nigeria?  

There are numerous fabrics used as aso ebi wear. Some of these depend on the occasion and the calibre of people attending the event.  Some popular aso ebi fabrics include:

1.       Ankara: Ankara fabric is the most popular aso ebi fabric you in Nigerian events. Ankara is a preferred choice because of its beautiful designs and uniqueness. Another reason it is preferred is because it is of different quality and affordability.

2.       Lace Fabric: Lace fabrics are also very popular aso ebi outfit. These includes all categories of African Lace; velvet lace, cord lace, sequence lace, Chantilly lace, Ankara sequence lace, etc.

3.       Adire: Adire is becoming increasingly popular for aso ebi outfits. It is a good choice for people who want something similar to Ankara fabric.

4.       Cashmere or Senator Fabric: Cashmere or senator is commonly worn by men in West Africa. In Nigeria, it is a preferred choice for aso ebi outfit for men.

5.       Atiku Fabric: Atiku fabric is also commonly worn by men for aso ebi outfit. Women can wear Atiku fabric also but it is not common as an aso ebi wear.

6.       Indian George: Indian George is a beautiful fabric with intricate designs commonly worn by the South Eastern and some part of the South South region of Nigeria.


Is it common for guests to wear "aso ebi" at other events besides weddings?

Yes, it is common to wear aso ebi for other occasion other than weddings. I know we Yorubas wear aso ebi for burials, festivals, naming, house warming and even birthdays! It all just depends on the host’s preferences and sometimes family.

How do guests coordinate their "aso ebi" outfits?  

The main person who coordinates aso ebi is the host of the event. The guest only has to choose a beautiful Ankara, lace, Adire, George or cashmere style that suits their style. The only exception I now where guest have to coordinate their aso ebi outfit is when the host is not interested in choosing aso ebi fabric for the event. Sometimes the guest can decide to choose an outfit they want to wear, pay for it among themselves and aso ebi is ready.             

Are there specific colours or patterns associated with "aso ebi"? 

Specific colours and patterns for aso ebi depend on the organiser or host of the event and this is usually determined by the colour of the day. If the colour of the day for the event is blue and gold, it is likely that the aso ebi will have one or both colours.

Can men also participate in "aso ebi" tradition?     

Men also participate in aso ebi too. They are members of a family or community therefore they are included in the aso ebi circle. Many clients choose aso ebi that is unisex so that the men can look handsome in their aso ebi outfit.           

What is the role of the "aso ebi" coordinator?      

The role of the aso ebi coordinator is to ensure the aso ebi fabric gets to as many people as possible. There is a lot of time and energy needed to ensure that the aso ebi gets to everyone.     


How do guests obtain the chosen "aso ebi" fabric?           

Guests get their aso ebi from the host or the aso ebi coordinator who is in charge of the aso ebi.    


Is it mandatory for all guests to wear "aso ebi" at a wedding?   

No, it is not mandatory for all guests to wear aso ebi at a wedding. I have not attended a wedding where the entire guest wore aso ebi, it is unlikely.

Are there any specific etiquette rules for wearing "aso ebi"?    

This question depends largely on the purpose of the Aso ebi, and what do I mean?

 The occasion for which the aso ebi was selected determines the how it will be worn or used. If the aso ebi was for a traditional occasion or festival, there may be certain etiquette and rules to follow for all who wear the aso ebi.

What happens if someone doesn't wear the designated "aso ebi"?   

People often decide not to buy aso ebi for different reasons like financial implications and availability of the fabric. If someone decides not to wear the designated aso ebi for reasons best known to them then;

1.       They may not have access to the event. Some event organisers sell aso ebi as the ticket to access the event venue. This is usually done to ensure everyone pays for the event; the aso ebi is usually a souvenir in such cases.  If you don’t wear aso ebi you may not be able to enter the venue of the event.

2.       You will be allowed to access the venue but you may not enjoy the full benefits of the event.

3.       You will be allowed to access the venue and you are given the best hospitality.

Can guests customize their "aso ebi" outfits?

A typical aso ebi outfit is usually made from a uniform fabric. You can customize the outfit by sewing the style you want with thee fabric. You can combine the fabric with other fabrics to bring out your inner creativity and style.

Is "aso ebi" tradition limited to Nigeria or other countries as well?

Aso ebi tradition is not limited to Nigeria especially for weddings. In some other parts of West Africa, bridesmaid wears uniform attire that is similar to what we call aso ebi in Nigeria.

How has "aso ebi" evolved over time? 

Aso ebi has evolved over time as it has become a way to show love, affluence and culture.  Social media has also made this culture more pronounced and it has given it the recognition that it truly deserves. Although, people have become more aware that buying aso ebi is not compulsory; it is more a sign of love and solidarity than a show of wealth and power.    

In conclusion, aso ebi is a Yoruba tradition that has become very popular in Nigeria and I hope the answers in this post have answered all your questions. If you have more questions kindly drop them in the comment section. Don’t forget to contact me here for all your aso ebi needs.

Please note that these questions are not ranked in any particular order and are meant to provide answers to frequently asked questions about "aso ebi". 

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